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The FishPath Network is a global network of fisheries practitioners trained in the FishPath Process and FishPath Tool, empowering fishery stakeholders to sustainably manage their fisheries.


The FishPath Network connects experienced fishery practitioners around the globe who are actively involved in small-scale and data-limited fisheries, growing the capacity of FishPath to support global fisheries. Network members are trained in the fundamentals of fishery science, the FishPath Tool, the FishPath Process, and the facilitation of stakeholder driven harvest strategies. Network members consist of trained quantitative fishery scientists and engagement leaders skilled in engaging and working with local stakeholders. Both member types work together to engage and train local practitioners in the development, implementation, and adaptation of sustainable harvest strategies.

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The FishPath Network was launched in February 2020 with the first cohort completing the in-person FishPath Network training. Network members share experiences, connect resources, and provide timely feedback and guidance on active FishPath engagements. The Network will continue to grow in the coming years as the first cohort completes trainings and guides the growth and design of the network.

FishPath Network Current Members (alphabetical): Bill Harford, Carlos Montenegro, Carmen Revenga, Dan Ovando, Dawn Dougherty, Eric Conklin, Felicity M. Burrows, George Maina, Gonzalo Macho, Jason Cope, Javier Cuetos-Bueno, Jocelyn Runnebaum, John Gabriel Ramirez, Jono Wilson, Jorge Brenner, Josh Nowlis, Luis Gustavo Cardoso, Mariana Walther Mendoza, Matias Caillaux, Natalie Dowling, Natalie Miaoulis, Natalio Godoy, Ricardo Amoroso, Rich Bell, Serena Lomonico.

FishPath tool support: Brian Snouffer


Certified FishPath Practitioners

Certified FishPath Practitioners have completed the FishPath Training, and shadowed and led FishPath processes. This list will continue to grow as the FishPath Network expands.

Ricky Amoroso, Fisheries Scientist, Mexico City

Matias Caillaux, TNC, Lima, Peru

Jason Cope, NOAA Fisheries, Seattle, WA, USA

Dawn Dougherty, TNC, Corvallis, OR USA

Natalie Dowling, CSIRO, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Serena Lomonico, TNC, Monterey, CA, USA

Carmen Revenga, TNC, Arlington, VA, USA

Jono Wilson, TNC, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

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